Announcement Date: 2 July 2018


Our date to play exhibition games at the Lake Erie Crushers Stadium in Avon Lake is fast approaching. We have the field at Sprenger Stadium on Wednesday, July 18th from 10:00am until 2:00pm (we can enter stadium at 9:30 am).

Every player that plans on playing in the exhibition games on July 18th needs to notify their managers this week (either at your games or by calling your manager). We need a final count to finalize the format and teams by the end of this week.

After the games at the stadium we will go to Mulligan's (which is a few minutes from the stadium) to have some food and beverages. More detailed info to follow after we have a final count of players for those games. To fit into the allotted time we will probably have four teams and there will be two nine inning game played, two teams playing from 10:00am to about noon and two teams play from noon to about 2:00pm.

Tony Chihill, GCSS Commissioner

Announcement Date: 30 October 2017

GCSS Members and Supporters,

Two GCSS members were inducted into the Cleveland Slow Pitch Softball Wall of Fame this past weekend. Congratulations to inductees Jack Salmon and Chuck Barracato. Jack attended the induction banquet to receive his award. Chuck was out of town and unable to attend but he was there in spirit! Well done, gentlemen!

Your GCSS Officers

Announcement Date: 13 October 2017

GCSS members & supporters,

The Greater Cleveland Senior Softball League is pleased to announce that Tony Chihill is the 2017 recipient of the Jerry Kopacko Spirit Award. Congratulations Tony! He will receive his award at the next league meeting to be scheduled for later this fall.

The league also recognizes the other fifteen nominees for this prestigious award. It is an honor to be nominated for this award by our peers. You are all winners!

Finally, we offer a thank you to the league members who nominated their fellow players for this award and for casting their votes for nominees of their choice. Your commitment and involvement in league affairs is what makes the GCSS League the success that it is!

Mike Doyle
GCSS Secretary

Announcement Date: 11 June 2017

Temporary rule change information:

To all GCSS Members,

May 26, 2017

To: GCSS Managers and Board Members

As a result of confusion regarding foaters, as Commissioner I am exercising GCSS Rule 1G, which states: Additonal rules may be adopted by the Commissioner during the season as needed. This rule is to clarify where foaters can play and bat in the line-up and will take effect immediately for the remainder of the 2017 season. The membership will discuss and vote on this issue during the October membership meetng if required. Nothing in the GCSS Bylaws and Playing Rules for the 2017 Season addresses this situaton. Please see the rule additon below which will be referred to as “Rule TEMP 4K – Battng order and felding positons for foaters”.

Tony ChihillGCSS,



The scenarios below defne the battng order positon for foaters added to GCSS teams. A foater can play any felding positon during the game(s) for all of the scenarios below.

Scenario “A”: Floater added to a team at the start of the frst game of a double header.

- A foater that is added to a team at the start of the frst game of a double header can be inserted into the battng order at any positon. If the floater remains on the same team for the second game his battng order positon will not change.

Scenario “B”: Floater(s) moved to a different team for the second game of the double header or only plays in the second game.

- Floater(s) that are moved from “Team A” to “Team B” or only play in the second game will be inserted into the battng order immediately afer the original last batter in the line-up from the first game. This is true regardless of where the battng order starts for the second game (i.e. If the original last batter in the line-up is the leadoff hitter for the second game the next batter will be the foater(s) just added to the team).



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