Winter League

Announcement Date: 06 February 2018


I apologize for moving the early sign-up date again but we are trying to make it as convenient as possible for over half of our GCSS membership. The new indoor facility where we are going to play softball will NOT be open this Friday, Feb 16th but they will open the new facility on Saturday, Feb 17th.

Because of this delay we are moving the early sign-up date back an additional week to Feb. 23rd at the CAPS Field House.

On Friday, February 23rd from 10:00 am until Noon our league Treasurer, John Caruso will be at CAPS FIELD HOUSE located on 6060 W. Canal Road in Valley View to accept 2018 GCSS Outdoor Softball Registration Forms and league fees. The summer league fees are $100.00 if paid by the February 23rd date. After this date the fee for our summer season will be $125.00. Applications will be accepted up until the day of the draft, scheduled for April 6th, at the $125.00 rate.

If you cannot make it to the field house on February 23rd you can mail your application and $100.00 fee directly to John Caruso at:

John Caruso
1000 Ashford Ct.
Medina, Ohio 44256

Your application and fee must reach John by the 23rd of February to qualify for the early $100.00 sign-up fee.

Again, sorry for any confusion these delays may have caused. If you did not plan on playing indoor and you would now like to play just give me a call and we will add you to a team. The indoor sessions will start Feb 23 and end end on April 13th, there are four teams playing on Fridays and the cost for the eight sessions is $70.00.

Tony Chihill


Announcement Date: 22 January 2018


1) The name of the new indoor Facility in Valley View is CAPS FIELD HOUSE, 6060 W. Canal Rd, Valley View.

2) The four managers visited CAPS Field House today and THEY WILL NOT BE READY FOR PLAY THIS FRIDAY, JANUARY 26TH. There is netting to be installed and a few more inspections that must be completed. Their new target date is Thursday, February 1st. If everything goes well we may be able to start on Friday February 2nd. I will keep you informed of their progress.

3) I will be sending out the team assignments, schedule and rules related to playing indoor when we get the final approval to start play.

Tony Chihill


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